Legal support for companies in Stettin
2020-11-26 21:54

meeting in Szczecin

Due to the intensifying economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, our team of lawyers decided to make a contribution to supporting companies from Stettin.

In the first week of December ‘20, our law firm shall offer two three-hour blocks of free legal consultations.

Legal consultations  are intended for entities from industries particularly affected by the recent restrictions, such as the fitness industry, the restaurant, education, entertainment, transport, production, trade or exhibition.

Please send your applications to, including “COVID-19 CONSULTATIONS” in the subject line.

The message should include a telephone number, specify the industry and at least initially indicate the legal issue.

At the beginning of the coming week, we will contact you to schedule a telephone consultation. We also do not rule out organizing meetings with lawyers in our office in Stettin.

On the basis of the signals received, we conclude that many entrepreneurs struggle with the problems of contracts, the provisions of which are inadequate in the light of the current situation.

This applies to rental, leasing and long-term contracts for the provision of services.

Moreover, in many cases, the pre-pandemic remuneration is insufficient to operate profitably while maintaining the necessary sanitary requirements. Retaining staff is a great challenge for many companies, despite reduced revenues. In such situation, it is not easy to reconcile the interests of the crew with the deteriorating financial indicators.

Another noticeable problem is difficulties in maintaining financial liquidity. Increasing restrictions cause problems with generating revenues and paying current charges.

The answer to this problem may be the conclusion of appropriate agreements with contractors, which will spread over time the repayment of outstanding liabilities. It may concern both financial contracts (credits, loans, leases), but also contracts with other entities operating on the local Stettin market.

Civil and commercial law offers many possibilities to solve the problems mentioned above. We believe that in some cases effective legal assistance can increase the chances of entrepreneurs to survive this difficult time.

Within our capabilities and resources, we will try to meet the demand, but please be understanding if we fail to help everyone who counts on our support.