The compromise was reached as to the wording of “Mobility Package”
2020-03-31 21:43

Pakiet Mobilności, Mobility Package

On December 20th, 2019, the compromise was reached as to the wording of the so-called “Mobility Package”.

Draft regulations were adopted in three areas:

  1. Draft regulation relating to access to the profession and to the market;
  2. Draft regulation relating to driving times and rest periods and tachographs;
  3. Draft directive relating to enforcement and posting drivers in the road transport sector.

Below are examples of organizationally relevant requirements for transport companies.

It will be required to organize fleet traffic in such a way to ensure that vehicles at the disposal of the undertaking and used in international carriage return to one of the operational centres in that Member State at least within eight weeks after leaving it.

Meeting of the above requirement will probably be easy to verify based on modern tachographs equipped with a GPS module.

Furthermore, it is worth to note the restrictions on cabotage. Road transport undertakings are not allowed to carry out cabotage operations, with the same vehicle, or, in the case of a coupled combination, the motor vehicle of that same vehicle, in the same Member State within 4 days following the end of its cabotage operation in that Member State.

This may be a significant limitation for carriers from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria.

These revolutionary changes will most likely come into effect in the last quarter of 2021, so there is not much time left for legal and operational preparations. In the next entries we will introduce some details of the new regulations.