Finalization of real-estate transaction
2023-05-26 09:33

prawnik szczecin

We are happy and proud to announce that our team of lawyers has recently successfully completed a project related to the sale of real estate for a residential investment.
The value of the transaction reached the price of 15 million PLN, and the land located in Stettin was purchased by one of the largest developers in Western Pomerania.

The project was demanding due to the specific nature of the property being the subject of the transaction.
In the meantime, there were also numerous changes in the corporate-structure of the buyer, which required additional analyzes of contracts in terms of possible risks related to proper way of representation.

Our tasks focused in particular on issues related to securing claims, analysis of the legal status of real estate, as well as legal and commercial issues.
Our lawyers regularly advise clients on real estate matters in Stettin (and other parts of the country), but in terms of complexity and sale price, this was an exceptional transaction.

Although the process was laborious and complex to coordinate, we were even more satisfied with its finalization.

One of the pillars of our law firm’s activity is real estate matters. We represent our clients at every stage of the investment process, offering support both at the stage of examining the legal status of real estate, as well as negotiations, drawing up contracts and representation before the land and mortgage register court.